About us

Timar Mix is offering complex services in the fields of bait feed and fishing decoys production. Our products are not only developed but also produced in our own plants. Thanks to our 360 degree services we are preparing packaging design with the help of state-of-the-art packaging materials and we are also undertaking the logistics of finished goods as well.

A key element of Timar Mix’s corporate philosophy is the continuous innovation. Right after the development process we are combining best practices with the newest materials of modern fishing as well as manufacturing technologies fitting to new fishing methodologies.

Excellent raw material ingredients provided by the suppliers of Timar Mix from various countries of Europe ensure the high quality production. The natural ingredients, a selection of cereals, food products and food grade flavorings make possible to prepare the best-value products for your needs. Thanks to European-level product refinement we can reach an annual production volume of more than 2,000 tons of feed materials and packaging. With the help to our plant’s flexible manufacturing capacity single product quantities are ranging from small-scale production to high volume series (produced by automatic packaging machines). We are proud to have numerous good references from many countries of Europe. Our business partners have been pleased to offer the products produced by Timar Mix.

The following propositions guarantee the quality and reliability of products manufactured by Timar Mix:

1 Family Timar being active in sport fishing for the last 40 years.

2 Multi-generational experience in development and manufacturing.

3 High level of expertise provided by the teams, professional and test anglers sponsored by Timar Mix.

4 Each component is being undertaken to the strictest verification process not only at the supplier’s site, but also at the site of Timar Mix upon arrival in order to ensure a continuous high quality.

5 Technology and final products compliant to all European Union rules, environmental regulations, as well as animal and plant health standards.

6 After a thorough preparation of products manufactured by Timar Mix, short notice home delivery is also offered, ensuring freshness.